Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Two-toned working western set with bosal hackamore

Let us start this blog right with the reveal of my most recent finished work, hot off the workbench, a working western set featuring a bosal hackamore.

This is my third complete set since getting back into the hobby about a year ago. I used to make saddles as a kid and still have a few kicking around, I will have to make a blog post featuring these pieces sometime.

I love these two toned saddles, which is why I was inspired to create this one. I wanted it to look like a saddle you could use on a ranch but with some style. 

I created the bosal because I love hackamores, there is something to be said about a bit-less bridle. My younger horse, Fallon, has never had a bit in her mouth and in turn I can be very soft on the reins. When I started riding the older one, Kaliko, she was very hard on the hands and would brace on the bit constantly. With work and a soft snaffle she has become much better but I wanted to avoid that with Fallon. I have plans on making a miniature english bit-less bridle in the near future.

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