Monday 26 January 2015

Custom progress

Progress has been made! Above, you can see my SM Endurance custom coming along, she is now a very dappled dapple grey. I am on the fence about whether her main coat colour is done or not...

I have also made some progress on my SM Warmblood custom, her legs are slowly refining. Pictures really help me see where I want to make alterations, specifically to the right front leg.

Wednesday 14 January 2015

New toys!

So, it is January and I have not posted much on this blog because I do not have a computer that types all of the letters so I am stuck updating whenever I can get my hands on my husband's computer. That means I have a lot of updates whenever I can. This time I got some new tools including a set of three pounce wheels and a magnifying lamp! I am really excited for both and the lamp really comes in handy, plus I can take some pretty cool pictures with it like these:

As you may be able to tell my Classic Warmblood Mare is complete and is now a lovely bay, here are some beauty shots:

I was also able to revisit my bosal hackamore and fix the mecate to look a little more realistic:

And I have started a new traditional scale saddle, this one will be a ranch style western saddle. This is all you get so far, stay tooned for the rest!

Sunday 4 January 2015

Classic Warmblood Mare repaint progress

 So progress has been made on the Classic Warmblood mare repaint from grey to bay. The base coat has been done and detail work began. The picture above shows the mare with black details and below is what the mare looks like today.

You can see the details now, she has striped hooves and ermine spots.

And a simple off-centered snip on her nose. I only have her eye left to finish, pictures once complete.