Wednesday, 14 January 2015

New toys!

So, it is January and I have not posted much on this blog because I do not have a computer that types all of the letters so I am stuck updating whenever I can get my hands on my husband's computer. That means I have a lot of updates whenever I can. This time I got some new tools including a set of three pounce wheels and a magnifying lamp! I am really excited for both and the lamp really comes in handy, plus I can take some pretty cool pictures with it like these:

As you may be able to tell my Classic Warmblood Mare is complete and is now a lovely bay, here are some beauty shots:

I was also able to revisit my bosal hackamore and fix the mecate to look a little more realistic:

And I have started a new traditional scale saddle, this one will be a ranch style western saddle. This is all you get so far, stay tooned for the rest!

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