Monday, 25 June 2018

Summer Solstice Update

Hello everyone, Happy Summer Solstice!

In Canada, we have to take advantage of the summer months since we get such cold weather in the winter, so I have been busy spending lots of time with my horses and out at the racetrack working hard. It has been some time since I have shared photos of my horses so I thought I would make a fun post today to give you an update on them.

Fallon is my older horse, we initially got her as a yearling who had no human contact. Now, she is 17 and such a great partner!

My younger horse, Lyrae, just recently turned 3 years old and has been a blast to develop a relationship with. She is very smart and sensible. To top it off, she is a really cool color and it has been interesting to see her change over the seasons from a light buckskin in the winter to very dark in the summer!

Thanks for reading, we now have our first tutorial video posted to youtube so make sure you like, share & subscribe to our channel! Yellow Bird Acres on Youtube

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Things to come in 2018

Hey all,

Summer is here and the studio is busy as ever, I'm working on 4 saddles currently and in the process of making a tutorial video, so keep posted as I will share it once it is ready. This will be my first tutorial ever so hopefully it turns out well! It will be on how to make an english saddle tree.

I am also loving the new Premier Collection horse, Bristol, I could not be happier with my first year joining the club. I can't wait to dress him up more and three of the saddles I am working on are meant to fit him!

So stay tuned with Yellow Bird to see all our studio will be offering in 2018!