Monday 24 November 2014

Current works in the studio

Hey all, since I am waiting on an order to arrive to continue my tack projects, I thought I would share all the customization projects I have on the go currently.

First project is a re-sculpt on the Classic Andalusian Stallion, he will be transforming into a Fjord horse. Here is his current progress:

Next is a simple repaint on the Classic Warmblood Mare. She was the grey Selle Francais and I was having difficulties photographing her so I decided to repaint her a bay. She is already showing up better in photographs. I am painting her with my own personal technique of acrylics and make-up.

My next project is a muzzle and mane re-sculpt on the G4 Endurance Stablemate. I found his nose to be quite pointy even for an arab and I wanted him to be tack-friendly.

 Another mini I am customizing is the G2 Warmblood. I am changing the pace of this horse and instead of cantering he will be trotting. He is waiting on his legs to be re-sculpted.

Another simple repaint is the G2 Scratching Foal. I'm not sure what colour he will turn out to be yet.

Last but not least is my own original sculpture. This horse is in Stablemate size and will be looking over his shoulder. This is my first original horse sculpture.

Thanks for reading!

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