Friday, 28 November 2014

Change of plans

So I was busy yesterday working on these horses waiting for new legs, paint, etc and this guy was just staring at me. It was almost as if he was whispering- "cut off my head and shorten my back..".

So, what could I do but oblige him? This mold definitely had too long of a back for a Fjord and while I think his cresty neck is perfect for the breed he is transforming into, I thought I might as well put him on the bit so he would be the perfect performance horse. So, plans changed a bit with this guy, not to say I'm not happy with the results!

So after a little bit of plastic burning I was happy with the shorter back and although I didn't get pictures of the progress of the head I have a nicely crested neck with a head on the bit and ready for performance, a look overall much more characteristic of the Fjord.

I whipped out my handy Kragle (I am a big LEGO fan as well) and used ye ol' baking soda and krazy glue technique which I believe was first introduced (if not popularized through wonderful tutorials) by Don't Eat the Paint (

This technique was used to seal all of the seams initially and then I use milliput, which is an epoxy putty (it is black because my local hobby store has not had the white stuff in lately), to cover those seams to strengthen the mold for sanding.

So he is definitely taking on a more Fjord-like shape. Here is a comparison of the original mold and how he looks now:

In other news, I have prepped my Breyer G4 Endurance Stablemate custom and it is now ready for paint!

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