Tuesday 25 November 2014

Introducing my real horses

Let's take a break from model horses and allow me to introduce my real horses! These pictures were taken in October, just before the snow hit.

This is Delta's Kaliko, I have had her since I was 11 and was my first horse. Kaliko is 29 this year and still as spry as ever. She would still be jumping if it was up to her and she has been an amazing teacher. She is a Quarter Horse/Arab cross and registered Pinto.

This is Fallontyne (Fallon for short), I have had Fallon since she was a yearling and she is a great horse. She loves people and has always come to meet me at the fence when I go to catch her. I have been teaching her to ground drive recently and she loves it. Fallon is a Hanoverian.

Here are the two of them together in their paddock, they are great friends.

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