Wednesday 25 February 2015

New bridles

So catching up with all the saddles I have made in the past month, I have completed some bridles for them! In addition to these two english bridles I have completed a breastcollar/bridle set for my ranch saddle but have not had a chance to take pictures yet, so you all have something to look forward to. Anyway, lets get on to the pictures:

First I completed a dressage double bridle for Salinero:

It features a blingy browband.

The other side:

Here you can see the chain chinstrap:

Next I made a hunter bridle for my Ballou Newsworthy:

Full tack shot: 

I thought blingy hearts would be cute for this pony:

Reins for this bridle are still in progress, I am going to attempt laced reins for this set.

I will try to get some pictures of the ranch set up soon!

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