Monday 30 March 2015

back in business

So it has been 1 month since I updated this blog and that is a shame. The good news is that I have solved my keyboard issues and can now update much more often. So, I will get to it and recap the projects I have worked on this month. I focused mainly on painting as I had a growing queue of horses waiting for colour.
Here is my first completed project last month, a silver dapple (chocolate) G3 Friesian SM repaint:

Next, I completed my G4 Arabian SM. This horse has had a minor re-sculpt done on the mane and muzzle and repainted a dark dapple grey indicating the horse is young.

The next horse is not complete but has seen some progress since last update, a custom G2 Warmblood SM repositioned to trot.

Another work in progress, my Classic Andalusian Stallion to Fjord Gelding, is taking colour and slowly evolving.

My last repaint work in progress is the Classic Halfinger mare turning into a dark bay, here she is currently.

This month I have also been lucky enough to purchase a few new horses so I will share the pictures I was able to snap with dwindling sunlight.

Last but not least I will share a few preview photos of my current work in progress, a classic scale western pleasure saddle. This saddle will be up for sale once complete:


  1. It was nice meeting you today. Take a look at our resident Breyer Expert Facebook page. She creates a lot of great art and is our judge for Breyer Fun Days.

    Take care!


    1. Thanks Nick! Great meeting you as well, thanks for sharing Twyla's page.