Thursday 26 July 2018

Blog Realizations aka Studio Update

I was looking over some of my older blog posts and made a few realizations:
1. It is good to document progress because it is a gauge of how much progress you have made when looking back
2. I have some projects that take a long time to make and some that take less time, every project takes its own time and it will eventually be completed. This is a reminder for me not to be hard on myself for still working on things started in 2014.

Realization #1 is what led to this post, here is what is up at Yellow Bird Acres Tack!

I have been working diligently on two 2 toned close contact saddle sets for Bristol, these sets will include saddle, saddle pad, stud protector girth, bridle, breast collar, and full set of magnetic boots.

These projects have led to other projects, including these magnetic boots I finished this week:

Also on the go in the tack department is a Billy Cook Ranch Saddle portrait, a Portuguese saddle, and and a Tonino Lamborghini GP1 portrait saddle. The latter two are featured in my first tutorial video that I posted on youtube recently, it is a tutorial on how to make english saddle trees! Take a look and don't forget to Like and Subscribe to my channel.

I have many horses on the go right now in the custom department but notably, I am working on a portrait horse of the pony horse at my local track, Slicker! You may recognize the body as it was one I posted on my blog when I first obtained it, it is the ISH I posted a few years ago. I resculpted his face a bit to match Slicker who is a Paint.

The other custom I recently started on is one you met in my last blog post, the Pacer! He is coming along and I finished removing his halter last night.

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